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Environmental Monitoring Solution

Our video analytics solution ensures environmental safety by monitoring and analyzing real-time data. Enhance hazard detection, response times, and overall safety protocols with intelligent insights for proactive risk management.

Unleashing Excellence with Our Video Analytics Solution

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Air Quality Monitoring

Get Workplace Air Quality Alert

Our alert solution for store air quality monitoring swiftly notifies and mitigates risks. Real-time analysis ensures a healthy environment, safeguarding customers and staff with proactive air quality management

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Fire Safety

Protect Investment with Fire and Smoke Alerts

Our video analytics solution ensures fire and smoke monitoring in real-time. Swift detection triggers immediate alerts, enabling rapid response and minimizing potential damage for enhanced safety and protection.

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Fire detection

AI enabled Video Control Unit for localized Video Analytics

Elevate surveillance with our AI-enabled video analytics device. Featuring a high-resolution camera, night vision capabilities, and WiFi readiness, it ensures superior monitoring, even in low-light conditions. Experience real-time insights, proactive security measures, and seamless connectivity for comprehensive, reliable, and technologically advanced surveillance solutions.

Footfall camera with lens

Why Footfall is the best

End to end solution available on your preferred cloud.

Precision Insights

Gain accurate and detailed data on customer behavior, empowering strategic decision-making for targeted improvements.

Operational Efficiency

Enhance resource utilization and streamline operations by optimizing stock management and improving in-store traffic flow.


The best solution available on any cloud that you preferred to deploy and management with complete ownership and controls

Real-time Monitoring

Stay informed with instant updates on stock levels, foot traffic, and buyer behavior, enabling timely responses and proactive adjustments.

Data Security

Ensure the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information with robust security measures, maintaining trust and compliance with privacy regulations.


Adapt to changing business needs effortlessly, as the solution is scalable to accommodate growth and evolving requirements, ensuring long-term value for your organization.